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Maria Mazepa


Expert UX/Product designer

My passion for UX design has allowed me to work on a wide range of projects, from international brands to small startups.


My goal is to create experiences that are accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable for users.

I have a deep understanding of user needs, design principles, and the latest technologies.


My process is iterative and collaborative. I always strive to find well-tailored approach and solution for each project.


About Me


I'm a senior UX designer with 12 years of professional experience in the IT. I'm a creative soul with a professional attitude, always looking for ways to push the boundaries and discover new paths and techologies.


My passion for design thinking, accessibility, and new technologies has enabled me to create innovative and creative solutions for many clients across various industries, including but not limited to FinTech, banks, delivery services, e-commerce, and social media.


I have a unique combination of skills and expertise which allow me to work on both large, complex projects as well as small, iterative ones.


My ultimate goal is to help bring great products to life that users love, and that make a positive impact on their lives by applying best practices of design thinking and connecting business and user needs. 

Fluid abstract art by maria.sign - digital artwork_pasteles.jpg

My passion leads me there.

My Passion

As a creative soul and wondering mind, I'm always pushing my boundaries further in the discovery of new potential and learnings.


You can learn anything and master any skill. It usually takes 10 000 hours to master something.


Over a decade of professional growth, I also decided to set aside extra time for my passion.

That's how my digital abstract art journey started back in late 2020 and keeps evolving. Creating unique and appealing digital art objects is my hobby.

Fluid abstract artwork by maria.sign - digital fluid art_waves.jpg

"Do what you love, love what you do"

Abstract Digital Art

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